About us

TCOM is IT company engaged in development of data management software, industrial software, telemetry, WEB application software, software development tools and WEB design.

For 15 years, we have been behind many projects in almost all areas of economy, public health, traffic and tourism. TCOM company is professionally oriented towards their clients whose solutions provide increasing efficiency and productivity of basic technological solutions in modern companies.

Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced in the high-end advanced software web and mobile technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Flash, HTML5, Java, Android, IOS, which are groundwork for development of our applications and software solutions in the concept progress of e–Smart Business System.

With our brand, Visible Shade System (VSS), we are conquering advanced WEB technologies and improving our software tools which are unique in some aspects, but also reference the on global level.

Extensive experience in the field of telecommunications, telemetry solutions and distribution activities have defined formation of strong team of experts for consulting services in the field of distribution systems in energy sector and water power engineering.


Development of modern telemetry solutions and their design for mobile phones provides tremendous opportunities for distribution companies in management of following processes:

  • Contactless reading of measuring devices.
  • Automatic control of technical accuracy of measuring devices.
  • Eliminating abuses in recording consumption on measuring devices.
  • Analysis, localization and assessment of losses on distribution network.
  • More efficient, more cost-effective and productive organization of management process in the distribution activities.
  • Dramatic reduction of operating costs in distribution activity.
The focus of solutions are mobile devices in the form of smart mobile phones which according to their characteristic and possibilities are less or not at all behind specialized industrial mobile devices, if their cost within these projects is 5 to 10 times smaller, so they stand out as proper and optimal selection.


TCOM company has significant experience in the filled of communications, telemetry solutions and distribution activities which defined it to form a team of experts for consulting services in the filled of distribution systems in energy and water management. Consulting services of TCOM company are as follows:

  • Analysis and elaboration of studies on development and profitability of distribution activities.
  • SWOT Analysis of distribution activities in energy and water management companies.
  • Elaboration of Due Diligence of distribution companies.
  • Analysis of losses in distribution companies and elaboration of action plans for their suppression.


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