The system for optimal substitution of Smart Metering system

ORD NTPM System®

is the latest platform from TCOM company, which is produced in cooperation with NETICO GMBH company and which can successfully replace existing Smart Metering solutions.


Smart Metering Systems require large investments that are often short-term and long-term unprofitable or profitable in a long period that exceeds the period of 20 years.

ORD NTPM System does not require large investments and short-term are cost-effective.

Smart metering systems require change of existing infrastructures so their implementation runs at an average of 5 to 7 years.

ORD NTPM System does not require change of existing infrastructure and their implementation does not last longer than 1 year, regardless the size of consume.

Smart Metering Systems ensure accurate recording of consumption if software for identification, prediction and elimination of losses in energy supply are available as add-on option.

In its basic version ORD NTPM System has integrated software for identification, prediction and elimination of losses in energy supply.

What is our solution?

ORD NTPM System consists of two subsystems:

  • System for automatic reading of electricity meters (VSS ORD APP®)
  • System for control measuring of quality and electricity consumption in medium-voltage and low-voltage transformer substations (NTPM System®)

VSS ORD System provides:

  • Reading consumption on existing electricity meters using Optical reading device designed for mobile phones
  • Exact GPS position and time of electricity meter reading that provides to determine the credibility and accuracy of data consumption
  • Photo of meter and measuring point to determine credibility of data and analyze technical accuracy of measuring point
  • Data on magnetism to detect electricity theft with magnets on meters
  • Authentication of (data) distribution seals on electricity meters through photo of seals, reading bar/QR code of seal, reading RFID seal
  • Semi/Automated data entry on technical condition of measuring points and recording different conditions and situations present on the field
  • Automated transfer of consumers’ list to mobile phones and read consumers’ lists from mobile phone to WEB servers of VSS ORD System
  • Control and intelligent analysis of data on read meters on WEB servers of VSS ORD System before sending them to the Billing system to determine their accuracy
  • Special part of software for detecting abuse, prediction and locating losses at measuring points.

NTPM System provides:

  • A summary of measurements on transformer substation level (busbars or outputs) along with numerous additional functions that Smart Meters and data concentrators do not have
  • Data management server with database, generating reports for various departments (quality of energy, service for losses, service for planning and analysis, dispatcher service), connecting to Billing bases and automatic calculation of losses at transformer substation level / LV outputs
  • Data management server can be connected to existing SCADA server via DNP3 protocol and start with implementation of System for remote monitoring and control of low voltage network which Smart Metering do not have (is limited only to electricity consumption and monitoring of parameters without flexibility of sending alarm conditions for those purposes, which MDM software do not have)
  • Monitoring and alarm condition on low voltage (busbars/LV outputs) to improve reliability factor of networks and power supply to consumers
  • Multifunctional measuring device at transformer substation level / LV outputs has WEB server on it and it is easy to access via any PC or smart phone or tablet device, which makes it ‘’Internet of things ready’’, and which current Smart Meter data concentrators do not have
  • Special part of software for detecting abuse, prediction and identification of losses at measuring points, which current Smart Metering System do not have.

Strategy of ORD NTPM System is as follows:

  • Distribution companies should retain existing meters
  • There is no need for mass implementation of smart meters for each consumer – it is recommended to be installed only for large consumers
  • There is no need for complicated and expensive communication infrastructure between individual smart meters and transformer substations – to be replaced with optical reading of meters with VSS ORD System and data delivery directly to Data management server
  • With optical reading of meters, we provide many other data and parameters that affect superb accuracy and reliability of data on electricity consumption, such as GPS location, exact time of reading, malfunction of meters and various situations on the field
  • We replace data concentrators on distribution transformer substations with multifunctional measuring NTPM devices that have everything as multifunctional meters
  • Through multifunctional NTPM devices we provide monitoring and sending of alarm conditions from LV network for purpose of network management including measurements/alarms of electricity quality parameters (harmonics, THD, etc.)
  • Through sophisticated software for detecting abuse, prediction of losses we provide identification of losses on measurement points
  • We generate a series of reports on condition and network operation on transformer substations level and measurement points with possibility of on-line insight into operation and parameters all network segments on busbars/LV outputs level.

What are the advantages of using ORD NTPM System:

  • Platform for efficient and reliable reading of both private and industrial consumers.
  • Very effective system for identifying and locating commercial and technical losses on network.
  • Monitoring and alarm system for monitoring work of low and medium voltage network
  • System does not require any changes and upgrades in existing energy network infrastructure.
  • ORD NTPM System is 20 times cheaper than any Smart Metering System.