VSS ORD mBilling System®

A System for electronic invoicing and payment of electricity bills (VSS ORD mBilling System®)is used as an effective System for consumption calculation of electricity on the field (on the doorstep of the consumer) and to promptly issue and adequate bill for electricity consumption to consumers, with the possibility of collection invoice by payment cards at the m-portable POS device.

VSS ORD mBilling System®is a special module of VSS ORD System® System and allows Billing System on platform of smart phones, providing complete process of billing electricity consumption and issuing invoice by printing it through mobile thermal printer. VSS ORD mBilling System® has several different tariff systems with module for easy customization and adjustment.

VSS ORD mBilling System® uses mobile thermal printers for promptly issue bill for electricity consumption to consumers and that can have certified bank card reader which allows collection process (payment) for electricity bills on the field by any bank card.

Advantages of VSS ORD mBilling System® are as follows:

  • Easy and simple customization of the system regardless of tariff profiles
  • Eliminating delivery cost for mailing electricity bills.
  • Dramatic reduction of investing costs into complicated Billing Systems.
  • Direct contact with consumers on the field and possibility of upgrading the System in direction of prompt bill collection from consumers (e.g. using bank cards etc.)